As you have made an app which works, you might want to show it off a bit. But for that you need a .apk file.

A .apk is a compressed archive of all the java and xml files in your project. The java files get compressed into a .dex file.
Let’s create a .apk file of the app we made.

Open your project in Android Studio. In the Build menu, select Build APK option.
Now wait for the Studio to complete the processes.
After the compilation is over a message will be displayed like the one shown in the picture below.

Alternatively you can also view the message in the EventLog window as shown below.

Now, click on the “View in file explorer” option. From here you can use the “app-debug.apk” file to install your app on any phone.

You don’t need to compile an apk every time you need it. Also, as you might have seen for yourself, it is a very time consuming process. Hence once you create an apk, you can access it through your project folder.

For this the path of apk folder will be : C:\Users\(Your username)\Android Studio Projects\(Your Project’s Name)\app\build\outputs\apk
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