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Kotlin FTW!

Hello folks, I know it has been a long time since the last post. The reason has been the constantly increasing amount of college workload. I do plan to post a few tutorials before my next semester at college begins.... Continue Reading →

StackOverflow & Developers

Hey all ! Today I would like to discuss about one of the most helpful resources we as developers have for reference, i.e. stackoverflow. Let's have a situation, say you are developing some app where you need to add some... Continue Reading →

Adding functions

So folks in the last part we saw how to edit UI. Now let’s add some functionality to the app. Caution: If you haven’t read the last part, it’s quite very possible that you won’t understand somethings over here. I... Continue Reading →

Creating .apk

As you have made an app which works, you might want to show it off a bit. But for that you need a .apk file. A .apk is a compressed archive of all the java and xml files in your... Continue Reading →

The Activity Class

​Hello people. Today we will move on to actually developing apps. ⚠ I strongly recommend that you should first install the Android Studio IDE before moving ahead. You can get help on installing Android Studio from here. Let us start with... Continue Reading →

Basic Components of an App

Today we will discuss about basic building blocks of an app. As a website has webpages, an app has activities. An Android app is essentially a collection of different activities and services. Activities An activity controls what a user sees... Continue Reading →

Why to learn Android ?

​Here is my first post. I would like to discuss about the importance of learning about Android app development. The market of personal computers is on a decline. So if you want to create a highly popular and sustainable software... Continue Reading →

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